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Sunday, October 31, 2010

I will water it every moment

THE Lord compares his church to a vineyard, to a vineyard of the choicest vines. He promises to watch over, protect, and preserve it: to guard it night and day. But as it will need not only protection, but supply, he says, " I will water it every moment." Precious promise this! It belongs to every one of the Lord's people. It warrants us to expect constant communications from our God. He is never weary of giving. His resources are inexhaustible. Ho will therefore supply all our needs, however great, or however numerous they may be. Everything good in us comes from him. Every holy desire, every fervent prayer, every grateful emotion, is the effect of his watering: for so barren and unfruitful are our hearts by nature, there is not in them one good thing. Beloved, let us expect divine communications, let us expect our God to impart his sanctifying and preserving grace. He assures us that he will do so regularly, gently, silently, imperceptibly, softly, and gradually, as the dew descends on the vineyards in the east. He says, " I will be as the dew unto Israel." We do not expect enough from God, we do not ask enough of God.

            Upon my leaf when parch'd with heat,
Refreshing dew shall drop:

            The plant which God's right hand hath set.
Shall ne'er be rooted up.

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