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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Teach me to do thy will

THE will of God is the rule of rectitude. His will is revealed in his precepts. Those precepts are to be the rule of our life. We should study them, esteem them, store them up in our memories, and daily endeavour to square our conduct by them. But as they run directly contrary to our selfish principles, corrupt affections, and fleshly lusts, it is difficult to walk exactly by them. Hence the conflict, the flesh lusting againsUhe Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh, so that we cannot do the things that we would. What then is to be done ? Are we willing to do the will of God ? Do we heartily desire to walk by his holy precepts ? Then let us adopt the Psalmist's prayer, " Teach me to do thy will." In answer to this, the Lord will give us wisdom, so that we shall see our way through difficulties; and he will give us strength, so that we shall be able to do what he requires, and do it with pleasure too. We can only do the Lord's .will, in the Lord's strength: as we can only discover the Lord's meaning, in his own light. W e must therefore go to him, to know what he would have us do; and then go to him again, that he may teach us how to do it.

    Teach me to do thy holy will,
    And lead me to thy heavenly hill;
    Let the good Spirit of thy love
    Conduct ine to thy courts above.

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