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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Lord giveth Wisdom

IN entering upon a new year, all the events of which are unknown to us, we cannot but feel our need of wisdom. Many things will doubtless occur, which will perplex and trouble us; and we may be brought into circumstances in which we shall not know what to do. Wisdom will be necessary. We may need it to manage wealth, or improve poverty—to endure trials, or employ our talents—to guide our general affairs, or overcome temptations—to conquer our foes, or make a right use of God's holy word—as also to win souls for God and glory. And for such purposes the Lord giveth wisdom. But to whom win he give it ? To such as feel their need of it—who ardently desire it—who earnestly seek it, and who perseveringly expect it, because he hath promised it. But how will he give it? Freely, without price; cheerfully, without upbraiding; in the active performance of the duties of our station. Beloved, all wisdom comes from God, both natural and spiritual. It comes from God, to be used for God. We may procure it from another, though we cannot produce it ourselves. It should be sought and expected in every duty, and in every trial.

    Lord, make us wise to do thy will
And live as those -who trust in thee;

    To labour, wait, and suffer still,
'Till we thy great salvation see.

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