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Monday, October 25, 2010

The needy shall not always be forgotten

THE Lord's people are all needy: and the longer they live the more needy they feel. They need a pardon for all their sins, righteousness to justify their persons, grace to sanctify their natures, strength to perform their duties, courage to face their foes, patience to bear their trials, and fortitude to persevere unto the end. If supplied to day; they will be as needy as ever to-morrow. But all they need is provided for them, and is stored up in Jesus. His fulness is open to them, and out of that fulness they may receive grace to help them in every time of need. This at times they perceive, and then they make use of it to their joy and the Lord's glory. But at other times their eye is taken off it, they forget what Jesus is made to them, they go mourning, they complain and fret, and they fancy they are forgotten. The Lord does not answer their prayers, the word does not feed their souls, the ordinances do not profit them, and the enemy triumphs over them. But the Lord will turn again and have mercy upon them, "for the needy shall not always be forgotten; the expectation of the poor shall not perish for ever." Jesus says, " Blessed are ye poor."


       He'll not forget your suppliant pray'r,
       Ye needy souls, awhile opprcstl
       The poor his plenteous grace shall shave,
       Nor hops deceive the afflicted breast

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