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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being born again

A NEW birth is absolutely necessary. No one can possibly be saved without it. Therefore Jesus told Nicodemus twice, that he must be born again. As our first birth was necessary to bring us into this world, and fit us for its employments and enjoyments, so a second birth is necessary to bring us into the Church of Christ, and fit as for its duties and privileges. No new birth, no true happiness here. No new birth, no heaven at death. But how shall I know that I am born again? If prayer to God becomes natural, and is enjoyed; if we overcome the world, instead of being led away by its follies and its fashions; if we hate sin as sin, and strive and pray for deliverance from it; if we love our enemies, because Christ commanded it; and love the saints, because they are holy; if we trust in the finished work of Christ, and glory in his cross; if we feel a deep concern for the salvation of others, and are zealous in spreading abroad the truth, that Jesus may be honoured; then, beyond a doubt, we are born of God. Beloved, have you these evidences? Have you any of them? Let nothing satisfy you but the knowledge that you are born again.
Saints produce the fruits of grace
In the works of righteousness I
Born of God, they hate all sin :
God's pure word abides within.

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