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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Whose I am

WE are all the Lord's by creation: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves. He produced us by his power, and intended us for his glory. But the generality withhold from God his right. They do not own him, worship him, or obey him. He is not in all their thoughts. But this was not the case with Paul. He had made a surrender of himself to God. He had consecrated all his powers to his service. He sought by all means to promote his cause, and advance his glory. He was the Lord's child by adoption and grace. He was the Lord's servant by solemn engagement. He had given himself to God, and he recognized God as his owner, sovereign, and master. He consulted God's will. He was employed in God's work. He expected God's protection. He was now in danger, but his God sent an angel to assure him of his safety, and to comfort him in his sorrow. The Lord always cares for his own. He never did neglect a faithful servant, or fail to bless an obedient child. Beloved, are you the Lord's ? Do you recognize his right to you ? Have you entered into engagements with him ? If so, you are in a happy state.

    If I am thine, Lord, let me be
    Entirely set apart for thee:
    If I am not thy right assert,
    Tills moment claim und win my heart.

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