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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Honour the Lord with thy substance

WE received it from him, and we should consecrate it to him. Upon every thing that we possess, we may write, This is from God. He gave it to us. He intended it for our good, to make us happy and to make us holy. As every mercy comes from him, it should lead us back to him. We cannot honour God by hoarding or by wasting: neither the miser nor the prodigal honour the Lord. But we may by enjoying and employing. Let us honour the Lord by acknowledging him as the author of all we have, and by praising him for all we receive. Also, by employing our property in his service, for the comfort of his poor and the spread of his truth. Let a portion be separated from the rest, a just and becoming portion, and let us write upon it, This is for God. If some professors did so, would they not feel ashamed of the quantity, or of the season when it is set apart ? No niggard, if a professor of religion, can succeed. God hates niggardliness in those who profess his name, but he " loveth a cheerful giver." If we give, let us honour God in doing so: let us see to it that our motive is good; that our object is good; and that the proportion is good.

    With my substance I will honour
    My Redeemer and my Lord;
Were ten thousand worlds my manor,

    All were nothing to his word

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