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Monday, January 10, 2011

They have not all obeyed the gospel

AND does the gospel require obedience? Yes : it commands us to repent of sin; to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; to pray always and not to faint; to confess Christ before men; to glorify God in our bodies and spirits which are God's ; and to consecrate ourselves and all we have to the Lord's glory. But comparatively few obey the gospel. Reader, do you? Are you daily sorrowing for sin ? Are you placing your entire confidence in Jesus, and resting on his finished work alone for acceptance with God ? Do you pray as naturally as you breathe, and pray for all you need or desire ? Have you confessed Jesus before your fellow-men, and taken up the apostle's determination to glory only in his cross ? Do you aim at God's glory in every purpose you form, in every plan you draw, in every work you execute ? Have you consecrated your person, property, and talents, to the Lord; and do the ministering angels see written upon all you have," This is the Lord's ? " Solemn inquiries these! Let them sink down into your heart. Take them, and search your heart with them.
Turn and claim me as thine own,
Be my potion, Lord, alone;
In me all thy grace display,
A in thy gospel I'll obey.

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