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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Babes in Christ

ALL believers are in Christ, and have the same privileges; but all believers are not of the same stature. Some are fathers, some are young men, and some are only babes in Christ. The babe is born of God and has spiritual life, but it has little knowledge and less strength. Every babe breathes forth its desires in prayer at God's throne, but many of them cannot call God father, or enjoy boldness at his throne. The eye is opened to see something of its sinful state, in consequence of which it seeks an interest in Jesus; but the sight is not strong enough to see its title to Christ, or the smiling face of its loving father. A babe is soon alarmed, and, when alarmed, clings closer to its parent's breast; and a babe in Christ is very timid, but it cleaves closer to Jesus the more it is terrified or alarmed. Some babes are very fretful and uneasy; and some young Christians have little patience or solid comfort, on account of the workings of unbelief and unfounded fears. The babe cannot digest strong meat, but must be fed with milk; and many believers are unable to feed upon the glorious doctrines of the gospel, but must always have lighter food, as invitations and promises.

Jesus In whom the Godhead lays
Beam forth in mildest majesty,
I see thee full of truth and love,
I come for all I want to you.

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