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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

He shall come to be glorified in his saints

JESUS is gone into heaven, to appear as the great High Priest before his Father for us. He is interceding for all that come unto God by him. He will soon come again: his coming will be sudden, glorious, and unexpected. He will come to be glorified in his saints: they will then be all collected together, and it will be a glory to him to have saved so vast a number, a multitude which no man can number; and to have saved such a variety of persons,—for there will be some of all ages and classes, of all climes and colours, and of all times, from the days of righteous Abel to the hour of his glorious appearing. He will be glorified in the completeness of their salvation, for all will be saved perfectly, and saved for ever. He will be glorified in their exact resemblance of himself, for they will be just like him in body and in soul: he will see his own image in every one of his beloved people. He will be glorified in the beauty and glory of the residence he has provided for them, and to which he will introduce them.

    Lord, we long to see the day!
    Come, and in thy saints display
    All the wonders of thy love,
    All our life concealed above.
    Oar celestial Head divine.
    Jesus, in thy members shine.

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