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Thursday, December 30, 2010

He giveth grace unto the lowly

SIN destroyed humility and made us proud-i but grace restores it and makes us lowly. Whatever a man may be, if he is not humble, he is not a Christian. Humility is always lovely, and is highly esteemed of God. Nothing will make us so happy, or fit us for usefulness, like humility. The humble may have any thing he desires, for God will withhold nothing from him. But his humility will preserve him from desiring what would be injurious to himself, or unbecoming in God to bestow. Beloved, let us seek grace to make us humble—let us cultivate a lowly disposition; and if we have right views of ourselves, right feelings toward God, and a correct estimate of the things of time, we shall be humble. Then the Lord will visit us, dwell with us, and revive us. When the Lord comes to visit us, he brings abundance of grace with him; if he dwell with us, he will give grace plentifully unto us; and if he give grace thus plentifully unto us, we shall be graceful, happy, and useful. The humble man is God's temple. The humble heart is God's throne. The humble saint is God's delight. May we be clothed with humility, and walk in love.

    Lord, for ever at thy side
May my place, my portion be;
Strip me of the robe of pride;
Clothe me with humility

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