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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who can understand his errors

SIN is an error. It is a wandering from the right ways of the Lord. It is an erm>which we are constantly falling into. The best regulated minds, the most consistent walkers, daily err. Our errors are so numerous, that we eannot understand or enumerate them. Every day, every hour, we do, speak, or think wrong. Every part of our lives is stained with sin. This ought to humble us, and make us walk softly before the Lord. It ought to endear to us the precious blood of Christ, which alone can remove from us the guilt of sin. If we. were denied the use of that blood for one hour, we should be eternally undone; for every hour we do that which would ruin us for ever. It ought to lead us to admire the patience and long suffering of God. How wonderful that a holy God should bear with us; and not only bear with us, but love us notwithstanding all I What errors are committed in youth, from thoughtlessness and inexperience. What errors are committed in manhood, from yielding to the cares of the world. What errors are committed in old age, from habits contracted in younger years, and from cleaving too much to the present world.

    I want so circumspect to live,
    So free from every sin,
That even the careless may perceive

    That I with Christ have been.

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