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Monday, December 20, 2010

The reviving of the Holy Ghost

ALL real religion flows from the indwelling, power, and operation of the Holy Spirit. He quickens us, when dead in sins ; enlightens us, when sitting in darkness and in the shadow of death ; instructs us, when alienated from God through the ignorance that is in us ; leads us to Jesus, when far from him by wicked works; subdues the enmity of our hearts, and reconciles us to God, when enemies and enmity against him. He regenerates but once, but he renews us often. If once born of the Spirit we die no more: but we often need to be revived, and quickened, and refreshed. He sometimes works upon the soul immediately, but most generally it is through the word. The word of itself has no power to revive or renew us, it is only mighty through God. It is the sword of the Spirit, by which he slays the sinner; and the healing balm, by which he heals the saint. If the word comes home, if a spirit of prayer is awakened, if a thirst for God is experienced, if the comforts of the gospel are enjoyed, if we overcome sin, it is the effect of the renewing of the Holy Ghost.

    Eternal Spirit! Lord of light!
    Throned in the heaven of heavens above,
Descend in thy renewing might,

    Come in the glory of thy love:
Revive my soul, renew my heart,
Thy own undying life impart.

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