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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To whom will ye flee for help ?

THIS is addressed to those who know not God. To those who love not our Lord Jesus Christ. What multitudes there are of such. Let us ask, Am I one of them ? Have I fled for refuge to lay hold on the hope set before me in the gospel ? Is Christ formed in my heart the hope of glory ? Is God my friend, my father, and my joy ? If not, when troubles overwhelm you—when Satan harasses you—when conscience accuses you—when the world frowns upon you—when sickness seizes you—when death stares you in the face, to whom will ye flee for help ? Who can support you in trouble ? Who can deliever you from Satan ? Who can calm and pacify a guilty conscience ? Who can comfort when the world frowns ? Who can give patience when suffering from disease? Who can raise you above the fears of death, or entitle you to a glorious immortality ? He that cannot do these things for you, will not be sufficient for you then. To whom then will ye flee ? Creatures are vain, they cannot help you. God alone can, and if you flee to him now, it will be well, for he invites you, and promises to receive you. But if you delay it may soon be too late.

Haste. sinner, haste, to Jesus flee,
    For pardon, life, and grace!
Approach his throne without delay

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