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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Take heed and be quiet

BUT they were threatened with an invasion, and appeared to he in imminent danger. Can it be wise, or prudent, to be still ? Whatever God commands is right. We ought to obey God. We are not in the power of any creature. The danger is rather apparent than real. Let us take heed to our tongues, that we do not speak unadvisedly, and so dishonour God. Let us take heed to our tempers, that we do not give way to passion, and so distress ourselves. Let us take heed to our way, that we do not go out of the right path, and so give our enemies an advantage over us. God says, " Be quiet." Let not fears agitate thee. Let not appearances appal thee. Let not doubts discourage thee. Be calm as the child in its parent's arms. Thy God rules. His hand is in every event, though you may not see it. Thy God is with thee, he was never nearer to thee than just now. Thy God is for thee, pledged by promise and by oath. He will guard thee with his invisible presence. He will keep thee by his power. He will interpose on thy behalf when it is necessary.

    When I can trust my all with God,
    In trial's fearful hour,

    Bow, all resign'd, beneath the rod,

    And bless his sparing power;
A joy springs up amid distress,

A fountain in the wilderness.

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