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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Godliness with contentment is great gain

T'RUE godliness is a good fortune; for every godly man, hath not only the promise of eternal life, but of all things which are necessary for life and godliness. Now if God is able to supply all his needs, if he hath promised that he will withhold no good thing, and if he is faithful to his word, ought not a godly man to be contented ? But this is exactly the case. God has provided for the body as well as for the soul; for sickness as well as health; for age as well as youth; for the whole of time as well as eternity; and he will supply us as we need, Bo as to secure our best interests and his glory. All he requires of us, is to trust him, to ask for the blessings as we feel we need them, to employ our talents in his service, and to wait his time with patience. Is this unreasonable? Is it not wise and kind, seeing he knows what foolish and wasteful creatures we are? Let us therefore seek to be satisfied with God's arrangements, and to live as we are required in his holy word. The best fortune is a contented mind.
How shall the Christian's noble mind
By grace renewed, by heaven refined
Indulge a murmuring thought ?
Shall he who claims Jehovah's strength,
Who shall be brought to heaven at length,
shall he accept God's lot?

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