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Monday, December 27, 2010

Neither give place to the devil

SATAN is pleased to see us angry, and endeavours to render us implacable. But when betrayed into a passion, we should realize its sinfulness, confess it before God, and be ready to forgive those who have provoked us. To indulge iu a passionate, or a sulky temper, is to give place to the devil. He is sure to tempt us to do so, but he should be firmly and constantly resisted. If we give place to Satan, we shall become revengeful, unforgiving, and hardened; and if we yield to him in one point, he will soon try us upon another, and will never cease until he lead us to apostacy or backsliding. He is always watching us, plotting against us, and seeking to draw us into sin. We should therefore be very concerned to maintain a tender conscience, to be humble before God, and to walk in close and intimate fellowship with the Lord Jesus, who overcame him for us, and will overcome him by us. Satan will often try to harden and mislead us, by suggesting that we should maintain our dignity, and refuse to humble ourselves.

    Give me, Lord, a humble mind,
Make me courteous, meek, and Mind;
Cure my temper, keep my heart.
Let me never from thee depart;
Help me to overcome my foe,
And in me thy mercy sow.

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