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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glory ye in his holy name

THE Lord's name reveals his nature. It is written out partly on the works of nature ; but its full revelation is in the person and work of Jesus. Here we learn what God is. What are his thoughts respecting us. What he is willing to do for us, or confer upon us. God is in Christ. "No man hath seen God at anytime ; but the only begotten Son which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him." John i. 18. If we would know God's name, we must study Christ. Our minds must dwell upon what he wrought, what he taught, and the graces which shone forth in his conduct. Except we know the Lord's name, we shall never trust in him; except we trust in him, we shall never love him; and except we love him, we shall never glory in his holy name. But if we do know his name, we shall reverence it, and glory in it. We shall commend it to others, and exhort them to learn it, love it, and enjoy it.: We shall praise it, celebrating its excellencies in our songs of thanksgiving. Beloved, let us not glory in our health, or wealth, or attainments, or standing in society, or any thing that pertains to this world; but let us glory in the Lord.

   Nature and time, and earth and skies,
    Thy heavenly skill proclaim:
What shall we do to make us wise,

    But learn to read in his name.

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