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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ye are the temple of God

A TEMPLE is the residence of Deity. The church of Christ is the dwelling-place of Jehovah. Here he resides, is worshipped, and displays his glory. But every believer is a temple too. Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Ghost. In regeneration God takes possession of us. He enthrones himself in the affections and requires the homage and adoration of all the powers of the soul. Having once taken possession he never resigns it. The Christian is always God's consecrated dwelling-place, his living temple. Here he is known, loved, and worshipped. The heart is his altar, and prayer and praise the sacrifices he requires and accepts. But we are not sufficiently impressed with this fact. We do not live, move, work, and speak under the influence of the idea, " / am the temple of God." If we did, it would have a very sanctifying effect upon us. We could not go, where some Christians go ; nor do, what some Christians do. We should often ask ourselves, " Is this becoming in one who is the residence of God ? Ought the temple of God to be found here?" Christian, what an honour is put upon thee!
How could thy God honour thee more?
No idol god shall hold a place
Within this temple of thy grace;
Dagon before the ark shall fall.
And God in Christ be all in nil.

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