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Sunday, December 5, 2010

You who are troubled rest with us

THE Thessalonians were persecuted for the sake of Christ. They were deeply tried; their tribulations were very painful; but they exercised patience, and were supported by faith in God's word. The apostles were also greatly tried; but, in their greatest trials, they looked up to their sympathising Lord for help, and looked forward to his glorious appearing for redress. They knew that when Jesus came the crooked would be made straight, and his persecuted people would be exalted to honour. They were willing to leave their cause in his hands. They cast all their cares upon him; and they enjoyed rest in trouble when they were not delivered from trouble. Paul exhorts his persecuted brethren to enjoy the same privilege. He says,—" Rest with us." Rest in God's faithful word: he will make it good, liest in the Saviour's grace: he will perfect his strength in your weakness. Rest on the promise of his coming, when he will subdue all things unto himself. Look not at trouble, but look for the coming of Jesus.

Then we whose flesh is troubled here,
Shall plorious with our Head appear.

And find our place prepared above;
And spend on our Redeemer's breast
A whole eternity of rest,

A whole eternity of love

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