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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I am he which searcheth the reins and the hearts

JESUS must be the Omniscient God, or he could not do so; and he must desire truth in the inward parts, or he would not do so. His eye is always upon us, not only on our path, and our outward actions, but upon our hearts. He is perfectly acquainted with every motive, with every purpose, and with every plan : all is known unto him. This should make us serious, for it is a solemn thing for the eye of Jesus to be penetrating through all the folds of our hearts. It should make us honest, for he must hate all mere pretence, or outward show, with which the heart does not correspond. It should make us watchful over our hearts, for if we neglect to examine or keep them, he does not withdraw his eye from them. Let us then endeavour to pass through this day, realizing the fact, that Jesus is searching our reins and our hearts; and let us learn to abhor all hypocrisy, or mere outside show, as he abhors it. Beloved, he sees all the good that his Spirit produces in our hearts, as well as all the evil which is naturally there.

    Jesus, thou Omniscient Saviour,
    Known to thee is all I do:
All my thoughts, and words, and actions.

    Lie before thy piercing view:
Let thy blood for me avail,
Let thy grace over sin prevail.

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