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Friday, December 10, 2010

They despised the pleasant land

WHAT Canaan was to the Jews, that heaven is to us. It is the land of promise. The land that floweth with milk and honey. It is the pleasant land. It is the abode of peace, plenty, and variety. There all is harmony, and all is love. Holiness is the atmosphere, and joy the light of that blessed place. There God unveils his glory - the Lamb that is in the midst of the throne, leads, feeds, and delights his people - angels serve - the church is at rest - and every saint is filled with joy. Every thing that can please, satisfy, or enhance our happiness is there; and there in perfection. All is pleasant, and always pleasant. No storms ever rise, no clouds obscure the sky; the sun ever shines, the fruits are always ripe; the songs are ever new, the employment always pleasing; and God is the glory of the place. It is set before us. It is promised to every believer - to every overcomer. The way is marked out. The forerunner has gone before. The invitation to follow him is given, the assurance that every seeker shall obtain; and yet we despise the pleasant land. Beloved, let us beware of Israel's sin, lest we suffer Israel's punishment.

Lord, feed and clothe me day by day,
And guide my footsteps lest I stray;
O iruard me with a powerful hand.
And bring me to the pleasant land.

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