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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Of whom shall I be afraid?

IF you are in Christ - if you are following that which is good - if you are living and walking by faith - if you are aiming at God's glory in all you do - you need not be afraid of any one. For in Christ, you are safe from dangerwhile you follow that which is good, nothing can harm you - living and walking by faith, you will overcome every difficulty and conquer every foe - and while aiming at God's glory, he will support, supply, and defend you. David could say, " The Lord is my light and my salvation; the Lord is the strength of my life," and therefore he fearlessly asks, " Of whom shall I be afraid." The guilty may fear, but you are pardoned. The friendless may fear, but God is your friend. The defenceless may fear, but the Lord is your defence, and the Holy One of Israel is your King. The idle may fear, but you are employed in the Lord's service to his praise. Whom should you fear? Satan? he is a conquered foe. The world ? Jesus has overcome the world. Death? It is abolished; it is dedestroyed.

    O love divine! to thee I owe,
Ten thousand praises here below,

    And everlasting songs:
Take thou my body, spirit, soul,
Claim, and possess, and use the whole

    To thee the whole belongs.

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