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Saturday, December 11, 2010

We are the children of God

GOD has a family upon earth. Every believer is a child of God. He knows God, who is his Father. He loves Jesus, who is his elder Brother. He cleaves to the saints, who form the household of God. But many of the Lord's children question their adoption, and fear that they are not born again. Let all such ask themselves, Am I of the world? Am I what I was once ? Can I love sin ? Can I live in sin ? Do I despise the Saviour? Do I prefer the things of time to the things of eternity ? Thousands do, and if you do not, why is it ? Must there not be a difference, and who made that difference ? Do you think Satan would ? Could you have made it yourself? Certainly not. The soul that hates sin, forsakes the world, trusts in Jesus, loves the saints, and cannot live without prayer, is a child of God. But still, it would be well to seek the direct witness of the Holy Spirit- If we are the children of God, Satan will harass us, sin will distress us, doubts will perplex us, the world will hate us, some professors will frown on us, and our heavenly Father will at times correct us.
Send forth the Spirit of thy Son,
    0 tied into my panting heart,
That govern'd by thy love alone,

    From thee I never may depart,
But following my celestial Guide,
Be number'd with the glorified.

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