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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Doubtless thou art our father

A FATHERLESS child is generally an object of pity. But a believer is never fatherless, his faith may be weak, his fears may be many, his trials may be great, his foes may be fierce, and his prospects may be dark, but God is his father. " We are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus:" and nothing can dissolve the relationship.

We may lose the enjoyment of it, but the privilege remains the same. Once a child, a child for ever. Nor should we easily give up our confidence; but rather, like the saints of old, though sensible of many sins, though enduring painful privations, though mourning over the hiding of the Lord's face, we should hold fast the fact, " Doubtless thou art our father." Beloved, if God is our father, he will chasten us, he will put our love and confidence to the proof, he will teach us some hard and difficult lessons; but he will still pity us, spare us, listen to us, and send us all that is absolutely necessary.

If God is our father, he will notice the least good thing that may be in us; he will take the meaning of our hearts; and he will accept the smallest offering at our hands.

    Then let us, while we dwell helow,
    Obey our Father's voice ;
To all his dispensations bow,

    And in his name rejoice.

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