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Friday, November 19, 2010

I press toward the mark

 THE believer's mark is perfection, or exact conformity to the Lord Jesus Christ. His first aim is to possess Christ, and then to be like Christ. When we are like Jesus, every foe is overcome, every difficulty is mastered, and the crown is about to be put on our heads. The prize is won, and the honour will be worn for ever. Exact likeness to Jesus we shall not attain to here, but we may be very much more like him than we are. Our tempers may be made more heavenly, our natures more spiritual, and our conversation more scriptural. We may be weaned from the present world, our motives may be purified, and holiness may become our element and delight. He who hath begun in us a good work, can carry it on; and as we are now very unlike what we were, we may yet become very unlike what we are at present. But if we would, it must be the mark at which we aim. We must ever keep it in our eye, as the racer did the mark which was to decide the race. This we too often forget, and are too well satisfied with present things.

    Jesus, that perfect good unknown,
Restless, resigned, I wait to gain:

    But give me strength to follow on,
And strive, and labour, and sustain,

    Nor ever from thine own depart,
    'Till thee I love with all my heart

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