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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ye are made nigh by the blood of Christ

DISTANCE from God is the consequence of sin, and to the believer it is the cause of trouble and distress. We were all banished far from God once; nor could we ever have been brought nigh unto him, if Jesus had not become our Substitute, and satisfied the law on our behalf. The blood of Jesus removes every obstacle out of the way of our approaching to God, and it secures us an honourable reception by God. We never could have known the blessedness of nearness to God, if Jesus had not left his Father's bosom, obeyed the law in our nature, and died in our stead. He is the only way to God. By him both Jews and Gentiles have access by one Spirit unto the Father. He stands between God and the sinner, and lays his hand upon both: he brings God down to us, and he leads us up to God. There is nothing between us and God now, but Jesus. He made peace, and he keeps peace. We are reconciled to God, and God is at peace with us. He is nigh unto us, and loves us to be nigh unto him. O to realize that God hath accepted us in Jesus, and that he is near to us in every place!
Jesus, the Saviour, shed his blood,
To bring the guilty nigh to God,
Tis here I find relief from sin,
A balm to make my conscience clean.

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