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Thursday, November 25, 2010

That the power of Christ may rest upon me

THE Christian's infirmities are many and very painful, they often discourage, deject, and cast him down. They hinder him in every duty, mar his best performances, and give Satan an occasion against him. Pew have learnt the happy art of glorying in their infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon them ; and yet it is our infirmities which render the Saviour so necessary for us, and which endear the Saviour so much to our hearts. His power is put forth in our weakness, and it is in his strength that we must overcome. We can do nothing good without him; but through him we can do all things. The power of Jesus resting upon us will shelter us amidst all the storms of life, protect us from all real danger during our journey home, refresh us amidst all the toils of this weary land, give us rest in our most weary hours, and keep us safe until we are beyond the reach of foes. The power of Christ overshadows his people in their seasons of trial as a tent the traveller in the eastern deserts.

    Must I be tried antl tortur'd still ?
I yield to thy mysterious will;

    But give me, Lord, to prove,
In nature's utter helplessness,
The strength of all-sufficient grace,

    Th' omnipotence of love.

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