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Sunday, November 7, 2010

He will save us

WHOM will he save? All who believe in Jesus. All who put their trust in him. All who call upon him in truth. All who exercise confidence in his word. All who make conscience of observing his commands, with a view to glorify his name. From what will he save ? From the guilt of sin, which condemns us. From the filth of sin, which defiles us. From the power of sin, which enslaves us. From the love of sin, which degrades us. From the consequences of sin, which are terrible to us. From our foes, which would injure us. From our burdens, which would crush us. From our desert, which would ruin us. How will he save ? Freely, by his grace. Honourably, through the perfect work of Jesus. Perfectly, without the possibility of a failure. Why will he save? Because his nature is love—his promise is given —our Saviour has died—and his glory will be advanced by doing so. When will he save ? The moment we believe. When we call upon his name. When we cast our burdens upon him.When he sees that our power is gone, and there is none shut up or left. Beloved, Jehovah is our Saviour, and he is ever present with us.
He cheers his people by his smile,
    And guards them by his power ;
He keeps them safe from force and guile,

In every trying hour

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