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Friday, November 5, 2010

Draw nigh unto my soul

THE Lord's presence is the Christian's joy, and distance from God is always a cause of grief. But it is in seasons of trouble and sorrow that the Lord's presence is most earnestly sought. If the Lord is sensibly nigh unto us, we can pour our griefs into his bosom, and tell out our fears before his face. Nearness to God gives us confidence in danger, courage in conflict, peace in adversity, and joy in sorrow. If the Lord draw nigh unto us he will commune with us, and communicate spiritual blessings to us. If the Lord draw nigh unto us, Satan will retire into the distance, and our corruptions will be easily subdued. If the Lord draw nigh unto us, life will be pleasant, and death will have no terrors. O to live near to God ! O to find the Lord drawing nigh unto the soul, when providence frowns, when foes increase, and when every thing appears to be against us! My dear friends, do you ever plead with God thus ? Do you ever cry, Lord " draw nigh unto my soul!" Jesus did, for it was his language. David did, for he wrote the words.

    Ah me, I'm never well, but when
1 on my best beloved lean,

    And then I'm never ill;
Cl osses and trials all are right,
And pain is sweet, and trouble:i ll^ht,

    When Christ my soul doth till.

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