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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Whom the Lord loveth he correcteth

THERE are many things in us that need correction. Our follies call for stripes. Our Father knoweth our frame, he reads our hearts, he observes our conduct, and he has purposed to conform us to his own beloved Son. This will account for most of our trials, afflictions, and sufferings. He loves us too well, to even seem to sanction us in any thing that is wrong. If he did not love us, he would not correct us. If one trial would answer, he never would send us two. His mercy is too great. His heart is too kind. It is his children that he corrects, and by correcting instructs. Let us not then, for one moment, suppose that our trials are indications of his wrath. He may be displeased with us, and therefore afflict us; but he has sworn that he will not be wroth with us. He will visit our transgressions with the rod, and our iniquities with stripes; but he will not withdraw his loving-kindness, nor suffer his faithfulness to fail. Precious assurance this! Sweet views of troubles and trials! Let us get a scriptural assurance of an interest in our heavenly Father's love, and then rejoice even in tribulation.

    Let him tenderly chastise,
    Let him graciously reprove,
Father, all within me cries,—

    All thy ways are truth and Live.

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