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Monday, November 15, 2010

Him hath God exalted to give repentance

EVERY sinner ought to repent, for God commands him; but no one will repent unless Christ bestow the grace of repentance upon him. God commands us to repent, and thus maintains his authority; Christ gives us grace to repent, and thus displays his grace. We often try to repent, and cannot; our hearts are so hard, they will not relent; our eyes are so dry, they will not weep. This is a source of grief, and sometimes furnishes Satan with matter for temptation, with which he distresses us. We must see that repentance is necessary, we must feel the desire to repent, and then we must look to Jesus for grace to enable us to repent. Jesus is exalted to the highest possible honour. He has universal authority. AH the treasures of grace and glory are committed to him. His Father who exalted him, did so, that he might give all necessary grace to his people; and out of his fulness we must receive grace for grace. What God requires of us as creatures, Jesus gives us grace to perform a* Christians. Every thing, therefore, should lead us to Christ, and to make use of his fulness.
The Lamb is exalted repentance to give,
That sin may be hated, while sinners believe;
Contrition is granted and God justified.
The sinner is humbled, and self is denied

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