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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


IMMUTABILITY is the peculiar prerogative of Jehovah. Every thing out of the Divine nature is changeable. Angels in heaven changed, and became devils. Man, who was created in the image of his Maker, changed, and now bears the image of Satan. Saints renewed by grace often change, they backslide, and are restored; now they are happy, then dejected ; now they are active, and then dull and lifeless; but Jehovah is the same. He is what he was, and what he is he ever will be. There can be no addition to his wisdom, for it is perfect; to his power, for it is omnipotent; or to his love, for it is infinite. There can be no diminution of his justice, his holiness, or his veracity; for he would cease to be God if he were less just, holy, or true. He never did injure one of his creatures, by any purpose he formed, or by any work he ever wrought, nor he never will. He is holy in all his ways, and his word is true from the beginning. This should comfort his people, He is now what he was when he entered into covenant, when he made his promises, and when he gave his only begotten Son. Friends may change, but God is the same.

    Jehovah, Great I Am!
    By earth and heaven confeat;
I how, and bless the sacred name.

    For ever bless'd.

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