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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Preserve me, O God

SELF-CONFIDENT persons are always in & danger. When Peter felt secure, lie fell; and so have thousands beside. Let us always fear a fall when we feel self-confidence working in our hearts. The wisest saints walk closest with the Lord, and fear to be left to themselves for one moment. The man who trusts in himself, or in his circumstances, is a stranger to his own heart, and the many foes by which he is surrounded. Let this be our daily prayer, " Preserve me, O God." No one but God can preserve us, for it requires an omniscient eye, an omnipotent arm, and an ever-present friend to do so. We need to be preserved every moment, and to be under Divine keeping night and day. The holiest are liable to fall into sin, the strongest to be overcome by temptation, and the most confident to yield to unbelief. May the Lord preserve us this day from the wiles of Satan, the snares of the world, the deceitfulness of our own hearts, the influence of carnal professors, and from falling from our own steadfastness. May he preserve us in Christ, by Christ, in fellowship with Christ, and to the advancement of the kingdom of Christ.

    Lord, keep me in thy heavenly way,
    And bid the tempter flee:
And let me never, never stray,

    From happiness and thee.

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