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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What hast thou that thou didst not receive ?

BELIEVER, ponder this question. It is intended to destroy the pride of thy heart,
and to produce genuine humility. What hast thou ? Look around thee - how many mercies!
Look within thee - what gifts and graces! Look before thee - what glorious prospects!
Compare thyself with many of thine acquaintances; contrast thy circumstances with theirs —
how different ! how preferable! But who made thee to differ? Who conferred these benefits? Did
you inherit them ? Who ordained the relationship ? Did you procure them ? Who gave you
the means ? Did you receive them from God ?

Then gratefully acknowledge it. Then be humble before God. Then beware of boasting before
men, or of despising others. Trace up all thy mercies to their source, and you will find it to
be free and sovereign grace. We have nothing that is good, nothing that is valuable, nothing
that is useful, nothing that is ornamental, but we have received it from our good and gracious
God. Therefore let him that glorieth glory in the Lord. But, if we have received all from
the Lord, ought we not to use all for the Lord.

    Lord, let thy mercy crown
Our yet remaining days;
And, when thy will on earth is done,
In heaven we'll sing thy praise.

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