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Sunday, November 28, 2010

His name shall be called Wonderful

AND he will answer to his name; for he is **. Wonderful. Consider the constitution of his person, he is God, he is also man. He possesses the entire nature of God, and the entire nature of man, and yet the two natures united constitute but one person. He is therefore human and divine, infinite and finite—the eternal God, and yet really man. He unites in himself heaven and earth, time and eternity, the Creator and the creature. He is the'mighty God, and the feeble child born. Truly this is wonderful: we can believe it, but we cannot comprehend it. We perceive that it is, but we cannot perceive how it is. His love also is wonderful, for he loves those who are unlovely, and who never had any love to him. There is no reason why he should love them, but plenty of reasons why he should not. And yet he loves them with all the strength of his nature, and has manifested that love in the most wonderful manner. For them he resigned the throne of glory, and gave up all he possessed in heaven. For them he became poor, was hated, persecuted, punished, and executed as a guilty slave. Well may he be called Wonderful.

    Wonderful art thou in power,
    But most wonderful In love:
Be thou all our theme below,

    Be thou all our heaven above.

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