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Monday, November 29, 2010

Thou hast left thy first love

THIS is a very solemn charge. Let us ask, Is it brought against us ? Our first love was Jesus. When we felt our lost condition, when we saw the danger to which we were exposed, we were directed to him; he received us graciously, he pardoned our sins, he introduced us to his Father, and we enjoyed peace. This filled us with love; we admired his dealings, we adored his person, we espoused his cause, we united with his people, we fearlessly professed his name, and consecrated ourselves to his bervice. Our love to Jesus at first was warm and strong. We thought nothing too hard to undertake for him, we considered nothing too valuable to surrender to him, we felt we could suffer in his cause, and die for his name, if required. But we have declined since then, and, if Jesus is still the object of our love, we do not love him as we did. He deserves our love more than ever. He asks our love, for he prizes it. But, alas ! the world has such power over us, temporal things so powerfully affect us, that we sometimes question whether we love him at all.

O Saviour —
    Give me thy pardoning love to feel.
And freely my backslidings heal.

    Repair my faith's decay;
Restore the sweetness of thy grace,
Reveal the glories of thy face.

    And take my sins away.

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