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Sunday, November 21, 2010

I would thou wert cold or hot

THE Lord Jesus hates lukewarmness. He *• would rather we made no profession of religion at all, than to profess and not practise his precepts. He loves to see his people zealous. He has done enough for us to make us so, and it is a shame to us when we are dull and lifeless in his ways. But it is to be feared, that many professors do not realize indifference to be a sin. They think that having professed Christ, if they just attend to a few duties, and creep along a certain course, it is enough. They are never hot, and they do not like to see others so; but generally prophecy evil of them when they do. Professor of religion, Jesus says, " Be hot, or cold I" Be altogether a Christian, or throw off the profession, lay aside the name. Do not wear the name to dishonour it. Your Saviour was always zealous, his zeal surprised both his friends and foes; and he said to his Father, " The zeal of thine house hath eaten me up." Is he not our example in this, as well as in other things ? Should we not endeavour to regulate our pace by his? He hasted to suffer, and longed for his bitter agonies. Well, how Rhall we be to-day ? Hot, or cold, or lukewarm ?

    Jesus, I fain would find
Thy zeal for God in me,
Thy yearning pity for mankind,
Thy burning charity

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